Welcome to IELM

HKUST was the first university in Hong Kong to offer the degree program in logistics management. Since its establishment in 1993, the Department of Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management (IELM) has made notable strides. Our faculty is made up of world-class scholars from top universities including Columbia University, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan, MIT, Northwestern University, UC Berkeley and Yale; many of them also have years of experience working in the industry with large multi-national corporations. Our graduates have taken up leadership roles in different businesses from logistics management, quality assurance, product development and advanced manufacturing, and have a comprehensive grasp of both technological and managerial aspects of contemporary issues.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence in teaching and research has received international recognition. We were selected twice as the Best Educational Course Provider of the Asian Freight & Supply Chain Award, won the LEAD Award sponsored by the Computer and Automated Systems Association of SME, and were awarded the Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence twice.

UG Alumni Spotlight

"In this flat and competitive world, what can the enterprise do to strive for survival? Being lean, being well controlled or being continuously improved? That’s the answer IELM will tell you, to...